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Jewelry Care


To extend the life of your jewelry and keep them in optimal condition please follow these instructions.

To clean your diamond jewellery, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap and gently scrub gold and diamonds. Do not clean pearls and opals with any chemicals, abrasives or solvents. Pearls and opals doesn't need extra care apart from storing the separately with all the rest of your jewellery and just times to time polish them with dry microfibre soft cloth. LULU DIAMONDS® is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewellery and does not polish purchased jewelry. 


Sterling silver is 92.5% silver (this is why sterling silver will have a 925 stamp) and 7.5% other metals. It’s the other metals, primarily copper, that makes the sterling silver tarnish. The copper reacts to moister and sulfur in the air, causing the sterling silver to tarnish. Over time any sterling silver jewellery exposed to air will tarnish. Silver tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution. Properly caring and storing jewelry is the best way to slow the tarnish process and to keep your jewelry looking beautiful and your Silver 925 jewelry will never tarnish. The best way to prevent tarnishing is to store the jewelry in a clean, dry airtight container, like a plastic (biodegradable) zip lock bag, or Tupperware. An anti-tarnish strip stored with the silver jewelry helps to absorb tarnish-causing elements. After taking off your silver jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth, or polishing cloth, before putting it back into an airtight container. When an item does begin to tarnish, cleaning it right away will make it easier to restore the shine than if you let it sit longer. Use a silver polishing cloth to remove oxidation from silver.



Damaged your LULU DIAMONDS® piece? No problem, we are happy to repair your piece for an additional charge plus shipping & handling.

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